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Developing stranded mineral assets, underpinned by strong technical business case methodology.

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to create value by identifying, evaluating and processing stranded mineral assets using a strong technical and commercial methodology which is both pragmatic and innovative.

Mineral Extraction Case Studies

NSW Gold Tailings Retreatment Project

Atom Minerals received information about a gold mine for sale in NSW. Initial research revealed that a significant amount of gold still resided in the mine’s two tailings dams which we believed could be reclaimed and reprocessed.

After completing a Scoping Study followed by a Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) and a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS), the project risk was reduced to an acceptable level and capital and operating costs were forecasted to an accuracy of ±15%.

Victorian Gold Tailings Retreatment Project

The Victorian gold rush from 1851 to 1896 produced over 61 million ounces of gold. In those days, head grades were high and recoveries were low by today’s standards.

The principal method of comminuting the hard rock ore was by stamp mill batteries which pulverised rock (rather than grinding it) within a wet mortar box. Stamp mills reduced ore to particles of less than 2mm diameter, a process which liberated a large proportion of the gold.