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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

As the pace of mineral extraction accelerates and new technologies improve recovery, the cut-off between ore and waste changes accordingly. Whilst higher grade resources are increasingly hard to find, many historical waste deposits are now viable, but remain untapped.

We have the knowledge, skills, technology and determination to convert hidden opportunities into realisable value and improve our environmental legacy for future generations. We strive to find safer, more efficient, lower impact methods of mineral processing and best practice post project remediation


Quest to discover resources.
Endeavour to create value.


To work collaboratively with our partners to generate value from stranded mineral assets using our innovative technical and business case methodology which identifies, evaluates, engineers and constructs mineral processing solutions.

Our Values


Safety is the cornerstone of Atom’s principles. Ensuring a safe working culture will be the starting point of every activity.


We respect all people, their cultures, their heritage and the environment which sustains them.


We believe that effective outcomes are a function of taking personal responsibility for actions along the journey.


Meaningful partnerships are founded on trust. Trust is developed by clear and honest collaboration.


We overcome setbacks, find alternative methods, communicate these to our partners and implement the solutions.


We constantly challenge the Status Quo by breaking down  systems into their fundamental building blocks. We search for greater efficiency, increased endurance, reduced waste, higher recovery, lower cost and improved outcomes.