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Project Identification & Development

Project Identification & Development

Atom derives value from stranded assets such as tailings dams, mineralised waste dumps and disjointed ore bodies primarily in the gold, manganese, lithium and iron ore sectors. We deploy proven data driven development processes, transitioning projects from initial concept and approvals through to end of life project operations, derisking every step along the way.

Our experience, gained over multiple projects, has enabled our resource viability assessment methodology to be rapidly and accurately implemented to JORC 2012 standards if required. There are generally seven important questions which need answering:

How large is the resource in tonnes?
What is the average grade of the resource?
What is the recovery % of the gold or other mineral?
Which process is most appropriate for the specific mineralogy?
Can sufficient resources be found e.g. water, power, labour, suitable tailings location etc?
What are the environmental and permitting requirements?
What will the capital and operating costs be?

Whilst these questions can be answered in a Scoping Study within a ±30% accuracy range, a more detailed PFS (Pre-Feasibility Study = ±25%) followed by a DFS (Definitive Feasibility Study = ±15%) increases cost accuracy and reduces risks accordingly.