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Defining & Extracting Resources

Defining & Extracting Resources

Once a resource has been identified, critical questions need to be answered accurately to reduce project risk and ensure viability. After defining then reaching consensus on the appropriate balance between the depth and detail of a study, it’s important to determine study costs and duration in order to achieve anticipated outcomes. Atom's experience gained from studying and executing or rejecting marginal projects, helps to identify the projects where risk outweighs potential rewards.

What is the size of the resource in tonnes?
What is the strip ratio?
What grades exist and where?
How homogenous or heterogenous is the resource?
What is the best method of extraction?
Which processing method will provide the best balance between Capex, Opex and Recovery?
What will the capital and operating costs be?

Once a resource has been identified, these questions can be answered by delivering the following inputs to the project:

Accurate Resource Definition
A Drilling Program with the necessary resolution
Sampling & Assaying services
Resource Estimation to JORC 2012 standards
Processing & Flowsheet Options
Representative 3D Block Model
Detailed Design, Engineering, Costing & Procurement services
Project & Construction Management services
Commissioning and Ramp-Up services