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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Once a project has been identified, the most important task is to assess its feasibility. The level of detail in a feasibility study has to be carefully analysed to reach a balance between minimising project risk and providing sufficient information which complies with scope, budget and schedule considerations.

Misalignment between project and study level and relevance is likely to have significant consequences. A study, which may be detailed, but does not address key issues will increase project costs and reduce confidence without diminishing risk. Prior to a study's commencement, Atom creates a Project Charter document, which requires sign off by participating parties. This provides a precise and succinct summary of the project's objectives, constraints and deliverables whilst clarifying individual member's expectations, responsibilities and accountabilities.

Atom Minerals undertakes a complete range of feasibility studies:

Scoping Studies
PFS: Pre‐Feasibility Studies
DFS: Definitive & Bankable Feasibility Studies
BFS: Bankable Feasibility Studies
Mining Methods Analysis
Detailed Design & Engineering
Cost Estimation, Market Research & Project Economics