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Mine Closure & Legacy Support

Mine Closure & Legacy Support

Towards the end of a mine's life, legacy issues and associated closure costs can be overwhelming. Solutions are required to factors such as; surrounding complex legislation which often may vary from state to state. Atom Minerals has the necessary experience to engage with key stakeholders and mining authorities to provide clear pathways to achieving the desired outcomes of efficient mine closure, environmental compliance and positive legacy. This is achieved by answering the below questions:

How do we remediate our tailings to the required standard?
What are the other environmental considerations & how do we comply?
How much of our bond will be accessible and how is this done?
Which process is most appropriate for the specific mineralogy?
Can sufficient resources be found e.g. water, power, labour, suitable tailings location etc?
What are the environmental and permitting requirements?
What will the capital and operating costs be?

Atom understands Corporate Social Responsibility and that Australian States have different legislation governing mining & rehabilitation processes & requirements. We offer services in:

Tailings Dam remediation
Environmental compliance to relevant State Legislation